Exploring the journey of Responsible Business Model Innovation in Asian companies: A review and future research agenda. Asia Pacific Journal of Management.

di Domitilla Magni, Rosa Palladino, Armando Papa, Patrice Cailleba

Responsible Business Model Innovation is increasingly becoming a relevant challenge in academic research and business practice, mainly in the Asian context. Changes in business models are widely acknowledged as a key strategy for achieving long-term innovation. However, little is known about the design journey of Responsible Business Model Innovation. By applying the knowledge-based view and stakeholder theory, this paper introduces the founding pillars of Responsible Business Model Innovation, namely: Corporate Social Responsiveness, Inclusiveness, and Reflective Knowledge Exchange. Based on the analysis of extended bodies of literature published between 2011 and 2021 on business model innovation, sustainability innovation, stakeholder theory and responsible innovation, the article explores the state of the art of business ethics and dynamic capabilities in Asian organizations. Findings show that recent research in the field of sustainability and ethical values are improving the impact on business models, thus encouraging the advent of Responsible Business Model Innovation. This article contributes to the emerging field of responsible innovation and offers novel theoretical and practical implications for academy and practitioners, including a first attempt to develop a road map to be followed to achieve of sustainable and ethical values for business and society at large.

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